B&G New and Used Items

Many of the B&G items we have in stock are difficult to impossible to find elsewhere. Ours is a limited supply of both new and used parts, as identified below. Even the "new" items have been in our stock a considerable time, so it should be assumed that none carry a manufacturer's warranty. We have many more items not yet listed here (a heading sensor, thru-hull housings, wind transducer spares even some instruments).

If you can't find the price for an item on our Specials page, then please contact us for a quote.

B&G 117-00-120 Speed Sensor

117-00-120 Speed Sensor


  • Used with Hercules, Hornet and Harrier Speed (HS 911)
  • Attached cable is about 8 ft./3.8m long
  • Fin has blue bottom paint applied
  • Acorn nuts missing from top of T-handle
  • Thru-hull fitting not included
    (B&G sold separately)
  • Tests okay

This item is SOLD OUT (no more anticipated)

Impeller Spares for 117-00-124

(1 Used, 1 New)

  • Stainless steel fin assembly
  • One with black low-speed* impeller (used)
  • One with red high-speed* impeller (new)
  • Used with Shut-Off Valve Housing**
  • Mounting screws not included

NOTE: The impellers (both black and red) were removed for sale with plastic fins below)

*The low-/high-speed threshold is 25 knots.

**While this assembly will also fit the 117-00-120 Speed Sensor, we don't know if it is compatible (this impeller is located farther from the sensor).

110-10-B21 Impeller Spares


  • Plastic Fin only (no impeller*)
  • Thru-hull fitting not included (B&G sold separately)

*Subject to availability, we can supply an impeller from a stainless fin (above).

This item is SOLD OUT (no more anticipated)

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