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We believe we have the finest marine sales and service staff in the Puget Sound area, if not beyond. We don't just sell the products we recommend, we use them. Find out about each of our talented crew here.

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Todd Rickard, President

Trevor MacLachlan, Operations Manager

Brian Rickard, Service Technician/Sales

Kyle Holloway, Service Technician/Sales

Edwina Colley, Accounting/Sales

Todd Rickard has been sailing for over 20 years. Starting in small one-design and class racing, then moving to offshore cruising, he has enjoyed many offshore miles, including deliveries and trips on the west coast of the United States, Alaska, the Great Lakes, Mexico, Scandinavia, Europe and the Mediterranean. In 2001 Todd crossed the Atlantic while participating in that year's Atlantic Rally for Cruisers (ARC) event. Todd lived aboard an Islander 32 with his wife and cat for a year-and-a-half.

Todd began working as a rigger in the mid 1980's, and in 1992 founded Sound Rigging & Yacht Services—a premier outfitter of yachts in the Pacific Northwest. A 2004 merger of that business with Northwest Yacht Repair resulted in the present Yacht Masters Northwest, of which Todd is co-owner. In 2002 Todd founded The Offshore Store.

With extensive experience and training (including ABYC Marine Certification) in gear and systems used in offshore cruising, Todd is uniquely qualified to help the sailor prepare for cruising.

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Trevor MacLachlan has been sailing his entire life, and has a 50-ton Near Coastal Master’s License. He has done extensive cruising and gunk-holing worldwide (both east and west coasts the United States, the Pacific northwest inside passage, the south coast of Turkey, and Japan). He has circumnavigated Vancouver Island twice (in Islander 28 and Catalina 36 sloops), lived aboard a Formosa 51 ketch for a couple of years, and now sails his Taswell 43 cutter.

Trevor has a diverse background in the marine industry. He was formerly with CSR Marine and, more recently, with Signature Yacht Sales — where he handled service and warranty issues as Operations Manager. Trevor specializes in computer-based navigation and sailing systems. In addition to sailing, his hobbies include motorcycle riding and scuba diving.

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Brian Rickard has been sailing and scuba diving since the early 1980s. He lived aboard an Islander 32 for a year, and has made offshore deliveries down the west coast of the United States, across the Atlantic Ocean and between Hawai'i and the mainland. With a background in astronomy, he has a keen interest in celestial navigation. In 2004 Brian joined one of our clients on a five-month cruise of the Pacific Ocean from Seattle to Auckland.

Brian specializes in offshore communications, electronics servicing, windlass operation and repair, and the cruiser's diving needs.

Brian's Tip: "If you or a fellow crew are scuba certified, I recommend a pony bottle [small air cylinder] with regulator be kept aboard for emergency use. It is indispensable when clearing a line fouled in a propeller, and can also be useful for a visual check of an anchor set in relatively shallow water."

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Edwina Colley holds several U.S. Sailing certifications and, along with her husband—a sailing instructor, has recently purchased a new sailboat on which they are enjoying every chance they have to explore the Puget Sound. Edwina handles all the behind-the-scenes bookkeeping that allows the rest of our staff to concentrate on what they do best.

Edwina's Tip: "If you are purchasing product in Washington for your boat in Alaska or Oregon, be sure to complete a Washington State Buyers' Retail Sales Tax Exemption Certificate."

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